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Volume 22 April 2022

The full PDF version of the current issue can be downloaded here.

Greens Think Globally, run locally: Green Party 2021 election year-in-review

Green Governance

Eliminate Gerrymandering with Proportional Representation

Hijack of Montana Green Party Ballot Line

Youth Power a Progressive New Age of Politics

Green Youth Organization Goes Global

Murray Bookchin Turns 101

Indianapolis Passes Medicare For All Resolution

Walmart Workers Fight Back on Black Friday

Jill Stein Takes FEC to Court

Michigan Nurse Spread the Green Party Word in Alaska

Volume 21 July 2021

The full PDF version of the current issue can be downloaded here.

Only Seven Years to Address the Climate Emergency

Ranked Choice Voting Changing Politics

Democrats Try To Kneecap the Green Party

How HR/S1 Entrenches the Duopoly

Green Party Ballot Status and Presidential Matching Funds

Greens Across the US Support Black Lives Matter

Saint Paul Recovery Act, Reparations Resolution Passed in St. Paul

Lesser Evil Dynamic Tramples Green Presidential Campaign

Stein Recount Scores Legal Wins

Young People Go Green in New Jersey

Lisa Savage campaign shows how ranked-choice voting changes landscape for Greens

Cuomo Attempts Murder on Third Parties

Proportional Representation through Ranked Choice Voting

Democrats viciously attack Green ballot access


Highlights Summer 2019

The Real Green New Deal

Bruce Dixon

More Democratic Choices Coming To The Us

Greens Gain Nearly 70 Seats In
European Parliament

Greens Spring Forward In 2019 Elections

Schwartzman’s Green agenda pays dividends for the economy and environment

Green Pages HIGHLIGHTS is produced quarterly and is available for free download here, in color or black and white, for use by local and state parties in their tabling and outreach work. 

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Volume 19, Number 2 • Fall 2017

The full PDF version of the current issue can be downloaded here (3.6 mb).

Caught In The Hurricane

Que Viva Puerto Rico Libre!

How To Deal With All The Garbage

This Red State Is Turning Green

Politics And Music Stay In The Family

What Would Green Tax Reform Look Like?

Tax Bill Another Reason To Vote Green

Maine Legislators Join Green Party

California Candidate Arrested At Daca Protest

Greens Of The Americas Meet In Cancun

Saving The Menominee

2017 Annual National Meeting

News Across America

New York Gets Attention In Local Elections

Connecticut Greens Successful This Election

Stein/Baraka Build The Green Party

A Peace Dividend: End War, Get Paid!

End-Of-Life Options An Important Civil Rights Issue

How To Get Universal Health Care

On The Necessity Of The Green Party Addressing Adultism

Volume 19, Number 1 • Summer 2017

Pinkney Released From Jail This June

Explaining Jill Stein’s Call For Recounts

Berning Green

Green Party Calls For An Independent Puerto Rico

A Strong Green Presence At The Annual Left Forum In NYC

2017 Global Green conference held in Liverpool

Oregon Voters Reject Jordan Cove Protection

Stealing The Green Ballot In New York

Meet The Staff Of The National Office

Green Pages Staff Member Receives Trophy For Completing Marathon In All 50 States

Greens Organize To Win National Improved Medicare For All

Cheri Honkala In Special Election

Kaper-Dale Gains Popular Attention

Mejia Comes Close In California Primary

Party Wins First Baltimore City Election

Jim Crow Gop Steals Another Election As Brain Dead Democrats & Media Say Nothing

Organizing For A Halt To Fossil Fuels

Green-Pages-Spring-2015The full PDF version of the current issue can be downloaded here (1.6 mb).

Volume 19, Number 1 Spring 2015
One more way corporations can take over

Mobilizing to Stop Fast Track and TPP Free Trade Agreement

2015 Annual Meeting July 23-26 in St. Louis, Missouri

Stopping racist police brutality

Green Shadow Cabinet member arrested for confronting director of National Intelligence

“Professional Agitators” suing NYC

Run, women, run!

What’s happening at the Green Party of the United States

Success building for Greens across the country

California Greens keep winning

Maine Green Independent Party continues to grow

Greens help defeat “Top Two” in Oregon, again

Why has Top Two passed in two states and failed in two others?

Our campaign doesn’t end with the election

Why Labor supported the Hawkins campaign for Governor of New York

The call to run Green

A First Run at Political Office: Some Lessons

Green Party Taiwan Wins in Local Elections

Kindness and Community

Money Power for the Green Economy

cover-summer-2014-54330th Anniversary logo

Volume 18, No. 1 • 2014

A short history of the Green Party in the United States, 1984 to 2001

History Highlights

Maine Greens: 30 Years of Changing the World

A time for us?

Prominent Greens run for Governor

Then to now

Spotlight on a founding member: Howie Hawkins

Environmentalism leads to electoral politics

The Citizens Party

Taxpayer Voter ID Act would allow more citizens to vote

Getting the truly alternative viewpoint, The Green Shadow Cabinet

cover-summer-2013-543 Volume 17, No.1 • Summer 2013

Greens win in Illinois

Big wins in Madison Wisconsin

Greens at World Social Forum 2013, Tunisia

Reflections on running for office

Notable elections

Hawaiian Election Officials Sued by Green Party Over Ballot Shortages

in memoriam

End prohibition of cannabis and hemp NOW!

Business-friendly means favoring big corporations

Neo-Redemption Gerrymandering of the Electoral College

The pipeline to hell

Volume 14, No. 2 Spring 2012

The candidates speak

About Roseanne Barr

About Jill Stein

About Kent Mesplay

How to get and keep a Green Party presidential nomination

Greens show solidarity with Occupy

How Occupy Wall Street Brought Me Here

The Climate of Fear

Nine Black Robes . . .

What a difference a Green Mayor can make

Sign on to the Green Open Letter

Greens Convene in Baltimore in July

The color of Green

Why I came close to winning, but didn’t

What happens when Greens run the town

The inspiring presidential candidacy of Pekka Haavisto

Greens gather from around the world

Just getting started in Kentucky

News from state parties

Greens have a presence at Left Forum

Volume 14, No 2 Summer 2011

Metastasizing xenophobia
U.S. Greens work to stem anti-immigrant tide
by Randall Amster

Elizabeth May and the Canadian Greens Make History
by Camille Labchuk, Green Party of Canada Federal Councillor and former Press Secretary to Elizabeth May and Jordy Gold, Elizabeth May Deputy Campaign Manager

Global Greens Congress 2012

Greens are winning more federal and state winner-take-all elections worldwide
by Mike Feinstein, Green Party of California

German Greens flying high as nuke era ends
by Phil Hill, Bündnis ‘90/Die Grünen (German Green Party)

Eastern Greens say “No Fracking Way”
Efforts to ban hydraulic fracturing methods heat up
by Deyva Arthur, Green Party of New York State

How I went about winning a campaign
Anita Stewart runs a successful low budget campaign in Florida
by Anita Stewart, The Green Party of Florida

Cynthia Santiago for California State Assembly
Draws votes for first time campaign
by David MCorquodale, Green Party of Delaware

State Parties increase, more Greens run for office
by David McCorquodale, Green Party of Delaware

2012 platform process has begun

Latina/o (Somos Verdes) Caucus seeks accreditation

Brent McMillan – His part in shaping the Green Party in this country

Seven years in the hot seat
My reflections as Political Director for the Green Party of the United States
by Brent McMillan

Campaign reflections from Green Candidate Linda Piera-Ávila

Green Senate candidate runs historic campaign
Despite obstacles Tom Clements gains votes in South Carolina
by Scott West

Running for the very first time
Massachusetts candidate describes his run for state representative
by Mark Miller

Summer 2009


Tamez Stronghold
Indigenous response to the U. S. Border Wall
by Wendy Kenin, California Green Party

The dangers of the Connecticut campaign finance law
State Greens sue to pull down law prohibitive to minor parties
by Mike DeRosa, co-chair of the Green Party of Connecticut

Greens mourn a founding member
Guy Chichester of New Hampshire dies

This yearís gathering to be cost-effective and fun
2009 Annual National Meeting to be held in Durham, NC
by Jan Martell, North Carolina Green Party

The first 100 days under a Green Party administration
by John Rensenbrink, Maine Green Independent Party

The First 100 Days

Hunger strike for strong climate legislation continues
by SKCM-Curry, Green Party of California



New York City leads a vibrant campaign
Billy Talen attracting attention in his bid for Mayor
by Gloria Mattera, Green Party of New York State

A Green Party Mayor of New York City? Elect-a-lujah!
Reverend Billy’s Fight Song with sing-a-long video

Ross Mirkarimi first Green appointed to California Coastal Commission
by Mike Feinstein, Green Party of California

Snyder Appointed to Golden Gate Board

Landslide wins in Wisconsin
Green candidates win 7 of 12 seats in Spring 2009
by Ron Hardy, Green Party of Wisconsin and editor of GreenPartyWatch.org

The ìGreen Guyî runs for office in Massachusetts
by L. Scott Laugenour, Green-Rainbow Party

Michael Canney campaigns for Alachua City Commission

Searching out the mole
Greens commence a lawsuit in pursuit of the Florida Five
by Barbara Rodgers-Hendricks, Green Party of Florida



A step-by-step guide to achieving ballot status
Arizona tells how they got it done
by Claudia Ellquist, Co-chair of the Arizona Green Party



Historic Green win to Lower House of Western Australia State Parliament
by Stephen Luntz, Australian Greens Victoria Elections Analyst
and †Mike Feinstein, International Committee of the Green Party of the United States

First African Green University held in Morocco
by Mike Feinstein, International Committee of the Green Party of the United States

The Rabat Declaration
Approved by Consensus by the regional Green representatives from seven countries at the African Green University,
March 27th, 2009

German Greens gear up for September vote
Report from the Berlin Congress
by Phil Hill, German Greens

Meeting the Hidden People
My trip to the United States
by Liaquat Ali, co-spokesperson, Pakistan Green Party

Longest-serving Green leader in Canada to step down
by Mike Feinstein, International Committee of the Green Party of the United States

ìThink Big, Vote Greenî
Greens Elected in Record Numbers to European Parliament
by Mike Feinstein, member International Committee of the Green Party of the United States



A belief in hope, but a commitment to vigilance
Looking harder than skin-deep at Obama
by Anita Rios, Co-convener of the Green Party of Ohio

Why Keynesian stimulus packages will not work
by Titus North, Pennsylvania Green Party

A new path for the Green Party
by Carl Archambeau, Sr., Michigan Green Party


Young Greens

A plan for improving education
Bringing it home with tax cuts for test scores
by Lewis Pollis and Terrence Banks, Green Party of Ohio



State Reports

Getting to know the Green Party platform
Economic sustainability, banking and insurance reform



The 21st Century Environmental Revolution:
A Comprehensive Strategy for Conservation, Global Warming and the Environment by Mark C. Henderson
a book review by David McCorquodale, Green Party of Delaware

Millions of little things saving us
Quoted from Pete Seeger on Democracy Now

a poem by Chris Brandt

The color of Green
An Interview with Tony Affigne, Green Party of Rhode Island

Winter 2009


Giving Bush the Boot!

Protesters hurl shoes on the Presidents last day

When natural gas drilling comes to your town
New York Greens hold forum to educate about new drilling methods

The Fight for Self-Government in Topsham
Greens in Maine keep Town Meeting going

McKinney speaks out for Gaza at massive rally
An excerpt from the Green presidential candidateís speech

Auto caravan voices grievances of union autoworkers
In December, an auto caravan traveled from Detroit to the White House to speak out for declining conditions for union autoworkers.

In memory of a prominent man in political history
The life of California Green, Peter Camejo

Spotlight on a founding member
Greg Gerritt reflects on his life as a Green and his new direction


Highlights from all U.S. Green Fall 2008 election results

Malik Rahim

Vigorous Green growth in Arkansas
Green candidates make records while Republicans refuse to oppose ìblue-dogî Democrats

Green Party of Arkansas Election Highlights

Lessons from the success of the Illinois Green Party
It takes focus and hard work to build a party

Highlights of Illinois Green Party November 2008 election

Greens in Maine make strides on Election Day
Many candidates garner more than 25 percent of the vote

Five mystery candidates in Florida – Part II
Suspicious Greens show need for Instant Runoff Voting

Pennsylvania Ballot Access Coalition
Green leads ballot access effort in Pennsylvania


Greens win highest percentage ever in a German state election

In memory of Arne Naess, founder of Deep Ecology

Green Party of Canada reaches new heights in 2008 Federal Election

Presentations on U.S. elections to the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly


Main Street Must Become Green Street Too!

Divestment in Israel campaign

Statehood a viable idea for Puerto Rico?

Es la estadidad viable para Puerto Rico?

Now that heís won . . .

Letter to the Editor
ìI feel like I speak from a very ìGreenî perspective for lack of another way to put it. This is why I feel on good grounds to offer a little criticism and concern on my part for the U.S. Green Party.î

Young Greens

A voice left out
Reflections on an Obama election


State Reports

Fall 2008


“Bonusgate” exposed
Dona Spring,†1953ñ2008
Peter Miguel Camejo†1939ñ2008
National convention chooses presidential slate and gains national media†coverage
Green Party goes to court to protect voting†rights
Instant Runoff Voting advances in†Colorado
A dedicated Green†dies
Peace activist arrested at senate†hearing


2008 Green campaigns
2008 Senatorial Candidates
Senate Campaign priorities
Five Mystery Candidates in Florida
Excerpts from Cynthia McKinney’s acceptance speech
Rosa Clemente, voice for youth and truth
Platform of the Power to the People Campaign


Announcing Global Green Chronological History Project
Green women make history as leaders around the world
Envoys study youth and violence prevention in Israel


Exploding the Myth of the ëTwo-Party System’
Thinking Out Loud


January 20, 2001 – a poem
Getting the word out


State / Committee Reports


Coloradoans honored for Green values
Film inspires reviewer to rap
I’m Votin’ Green

Spring 2008


Live Green, Vote†Green!
Looking at the Party from the†beginning
U.S. Green history†weekend
Growing Campus†Greens
ëFree Mumia’ rallies have strong Green†presence
Young Greens organize new†caucus
Want to run for†office?


Wisconsin continues winning†tradition
Ranked choice voting approved by Santa Fe†voters
National and states prioritize ballot†access
Ballot Access†Requirements
How I won the Mayor’s†office
Peace slate offers Oregonians a†chance
The national ballot access effort needs your†help!


Ingrid Betancourt†Dedication
Global Greens meet in S„o†Paulo U.S. Greens†participate


2008 Spring State Reports


“Change” In†2008?
Time for Bolder†Leadership
Ten Key Values -†Non-violence


Living the Green†way
Eating locally, thinking†globally

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