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Green Youth Organization Goes Global

Three members of Young Ecosocialists, the GPUS youth caucus, were elected as delegates to the Global Young Greens Congress: Austin Bashore (Ohio, top-left), Matthew Skolar (New Jersey, top right), and Blaizen Bloom (Virginia, bottom-center).
Photo courtesy Matthew Skolar.

From January 14th-16th, 2022, the Global Young Greens (GYG), an emerging new youth organization dedicated to green politics loosely affiliated with the Global Greens global federation of national Green Parties, met online for its regular Congress.

Representing the Young Ecosocialists, the youth caucus of the Green Party of the United States, were three elected delegates: Austin Bashore (Ohio), Matthew Skolar (New Jersey), and Blaizen Bloom (Virginia).

Delegates attended talks and discussions on topics including a report back from the GYG delegation about the COP26 global climate change summit, and how Young Greens should respond to the failure of COP26 to produce significant international action. Discussion also concerned how the global COVID pandemic can be viewed with a feminist lens in which historically marginalized people are disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Delegates also discussed forming a GYG political platform, and approved a number of amendments to the GYG organizational charter.

Bloom enjoyed the experience and shared an optimistic message for other youth Greens: “At times it can be difficult to be hopeful in a world that seems so resistant to change. Yet, if there’s one thing I got from this Congress, it’s to not give up hope. Meeting with fellow Young Greens from nations as near as Canada and far as India provided a valuable insight. I learned from their own struggles and successes, but more importantly I was shown that we aren’t alone in this fight. We are unified within this global struggle for justice and I’m confident that we will win!”

In attendance were delegates representing Green Parties from across the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia/Pacific Islands. According to the Global Greens, over 100 countries now have a Green Party, with hundreds of Greens elected to national parliaments and governing bodies around the world.
For more information go to: https://globalyounggreens.org


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