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Latina/o (Somos Verdes) Caucus seeks accreditation


At the 2008 Green Party-US Presidential Nominating Convention in Chicago, a small group of Latina/o Greens met to be­gin organizing our caucus. Our original group included: Paloma Andrade & Al­ber­to Bocanegra (Illinois), Olivia Cadaval (DC), Hector Lopez (Connecticut), Anita Rios (Ohio), Angel Torres (Arizona) and Ana “Ceci” Wheeler (Pennsylvania). Two years of organizing were lost due to a necessary focus on ballot status efforts and candidate campaigns. However, since Jan­uary 2011, caucus members have come together and held monthly conference calls, created an e-mail list-serve, appointed in­terim co-chairs, and re-named ourselves as the Green Party-US Latina/o (Somos Verdes) Caucus. In only six months, our caucus has grown to over 20 members representing 11 state-affiliated Green Parties.

The Somos Verdes Caucus is currently seeking accreditation within GP-US. Cur­rent rules require at least 100 members from 15 state Green Parties.

Members of the Somos Verdes Caucus must be:

  1. a registered Green Party member (in states that have partisan party voter registration) or a dues-paying Green Party member (for states that do not have partisan party voter registration);
  2. of Latina/o descent (Argen­tina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Domi­n­ican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Gua­temala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Pan­ama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela).

If you know of Latina/o Greens in your state that would be interested in joining our caucus, please e-mail interim co-chairs Anita Rios  or Angel Torres. Gracias!

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