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A Florida Green’s charges dropped after a vigil for activist injured in Palestine



Tristan Anderson moments after the shooting | photo courtesy of http://this.is/

Cara Jennings, twice elected Green for Lake Worth City Council, is spreading the word charges against her were dropped for holding a vigil for Tristan Anderson, 37, a California activist who was shot in the head with a tear gas canister by Israeli defense forces at a protest on the West Bank.

In March I was arrested at a vigil for Tristan Anderson, a U.S. activist and long time friend who suffered near fatal injuries by the Israeli military while doing human rights work in Palestine. Tristan is still in the hospital in Israel, working hard to stay alive.

This October, my charges were dropped. †The judge agreed that standing on a sidewalk having a vigil is not a criminal act. A minor victory, especially compared to the daily reality in Palestine.

If you are looking for more information on the situation of apartheid in Palestine check out†http://palsolidarity.org/

Also, Please consider sending Tristan a card and donation. Online at www.justicefortristan.org or by mail to:

Tristan†Anderson†c/o Jonathon Pollak
10 Elazar Street
Tel Aviv 65157

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