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Rosa Clemente, Green Party Vice Presidential candidate talk at New York University Oct 10


Community Organizing and Electoral Politics
Women involvement in activism and electoral politics
Rosa’s political history, the Green Party, being asked to run for VP by Cynthia McKinney
The imperative of building the Green Party

Attracting young people to the Green Party

Where’s radical labor?

Subprime mortgage crisis and the Left
Shared sacrifice with those who caused the economic crisis
How her family has been effected by the subprime mortgage crisis
Green Party strategy post Obamamania
Green Party fighting election theft
Defending non Greens on various issues
Who’s really progressive?

Media: who’s not progressive, Katrina and the Democrats
Which media is not really progressive
HipHop activists co-opted
A new way of thinking, what we believe in
Katrina and the failure of the Democratic Party

Civil Disobedience and the Patriot Act
Mass Civil Disobedience around the environment
Using the Patriot act to prosecute protestors as domestic terrorists
Building the Green Party
The Green Party can pull the fractured left together.
The importance of local elections in building the party.
Rosa talks about a possible run for office in New York City.
Green Party and race

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