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Platform revision goes forward


States review submissions; additional planks still accepted.
by Budd Dickinson, Platform Committee†

Wed 10/01/03†
GreenPages, Vol 7, No.3

The Green Party of the United States’ (GP-US) national platform revision for 2004 is underway. The Platform Committee encourages Greens to participate in this important part of policy setting.

The committee has received submissions on foreign policy, with the International Committee lending a hand in reviewing and offering advice.†

There are also submissions on the IRS code, labor, transgender rights, environmental justice, energy, population, youth rights, unions, water, agriculture, ocean protection, treatment of animals and creating right livelihood and the right incentives.

The committee has organized a deliberative process leading to the convention. Members also hope to facilitate a clear and accountable submissions process.

For this reason, they have created a format in which all submissions should be sent.†

This format is available in an online version; hard copy submissions may also be sent by requesting a copy of the format from Holly Hart, P.O. Box 2448, Iowa City, IA 52244-2448.

State parties are reviewing the submissions from Cycle 1 (soon to be available on the Web) and submitting new proposed revisions through Dec. 31.

Cycle 2 ends Jan. 30. Comments need to be submitted by then so the Platform Committee can use the following two months to compile a final draft for approval.

The final discussion period starts about April 1. The final draft will be voted on at the national convention in 2004.

Greens are encouraged to discuss proposals at the grassroots, in state Green parties and state Green organizations where there is no state party.†

The Platform Committee will ërecycle’ submissions that come directly from individual Green Party members back to their state parties for further discussion.†

The committee encourages those who are working on something to submit to contact it. Committee members would like to see submissions on any area where Greens think the platform needs new material.†

The current platform is at www.gp.org. Hard copies of the platform and the approved Platform Summary may be ordered from the national office.†

The members of the committee are listed on the Web site. The two co-chairs are Holly Hart of Iowa at hhart@blue.weeg.uiowa.edu and Budd Dickinson of California at budd.dickinson@greens.org.

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