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Millions of little things saving us


Quoted from Pete Seeger on Democracy Now

I honestly believe that the future is going to be millions of little things saving us. I imagine a big seesaw, and one end of this seesaw is on the ground with a basket half-full of big rocks in it. The other end of the seesaw is up in the air. Itís got a basket one-quarter full of sand. And some of us got teaspoons, and weíre trying to fill up sand. A lot of people are laughing at us, and they say,† ìAh, people like you have been trying to do that for thousands of years, and itís leaking out as fast as youíre putting it in.î But weíre saying, ìWeíre getting more people with teaspoons all the time.î And we think, ìOne of these years, youíll see that whole seesaw go zooop in the other direction.î And people will say, ìGee, how did it happen so suddenly?î Us and all our little teaspoons? Now granted, weíve got to keep putting it in, because if we donít keep putting teaspoons in it will leak out and the rocks will go back down again. Who knows?

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