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Maine Green party chairwoman to run for governor


Published in the Bangor Dailey News

BAR HARBOR, Maine ó An attorney who has championed numerous environmental and human rights causes in Maine has announced that she intends to run for governor in 2010.

Lynne Williams, 58, is state chairman of the Maine Green Independent Party and serves on the planning board in Bar Harbor. She has lived in Maine for 10 years, first in Augusta and then in Rockland before moving to Bar Harbor four years ago. In 2004, she ran unsuccessfully for the Maine House of Representatives as a Green party candidate in Rockland.

ìThe Green party platform, and my own values, are particularly suited to guiding a state through this type of [difficult economic] period,î Williams said in the statement. ìI seek to create a new definition of growth and progress, where such terms are not defined by how many Wal-Marts are in a region, but rather by how much people in that region support and patronize their own locally owned businesses.î

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