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Letter to the Editor


opinionDear Green Party,

†Hello, I am a Green Party member. I am moved by the name Rachael Carson. I am an admirer of many environmentalists and environmental organizations such as Greenpeace. I have followed local and global environmental issues since my youngest days. The effort to (or at least pretend to try to) balance mankind’s most ambitious and self-satisfying goals with deference to our grossly undervalued life support system, namely our planet and cumulative eco-system, is crucial.

So, I feel like I speak from a very “Green” perspective for lack of another way to put it. This is why I feel on good grounds to offer a little criticism and concern on my part for the U.S. Green Party.

I have noticed of late that our movement has been hijacked by the one-issue conspiracy theorist wing. Whether this movement is “on the money” or “out where the buses don’t run,” the 9-11 conspiracy is not a Green issue. I am sad and frustrated as I see our predicament worsen globally. As we brace for refugees from climate disasters, as we watch food production efforts become frustrated by erratic weather and temperature fluctuations, the Green Party needs to get back to environmentalist issues.†

Please, ditch the conspiracy theory stuff and get back to environmental issues. Get back to science, learning and fostering a shared awe in our natural world. You can assign a few members of one of your offices to work on 9-11 truth. Why not encourage Amnesty International, a very reputable organization, to look into the 9-11 conspiracy, or hire an attorney to take Bush to court ó and let us get back to Green work.†

I did not recognize myself in the Green Party this election year. I found it easy to vote for green and intelligent local initiatives but had a difficult time finding a Green Party candidate that gave me much confidence. The entire U.S. Green Party needs reform. It is all off-message.

We are an independent party in a two-party state. We need the best political-historian scientists we can find to help us reposition our party and other parties in the American system to work on new ways to work together and challenge the bigger two parties.†

A whole new ingenuous approach to present the Green Party as the party of the future is needed. Ask any of the best and brightest minds on today’s world stage and they all will say that environmental and human impact issues will be of greater and greater importance as this century wears on.

Please. Be the Green Party that could be. The one that is relevant and decades ahead.†

J. Beck
CEO, Sanctioned Records and Media


  1. Lou Novak February 11, 2009

    I have to disagree with J. Beck’s assessment of the McKinney/Clemente campaign and the Green Party. The assessment of the party as ‘hijacked by the one-issue conspiracy theorist wing’ is a not supported by the facts.

    While McKinney has called for a new investigation into the events of Sep 11 2001, and has garnered the support of what are condescendingly referred to as the ‘conspiracy theorist wing’, any observer of the McKinney/Clemente campaign and the Green Party can see that was not the only issue or even the major issue of their platform.

    The wide range of Green Party issues and positions were well represented by our candidates.

  2. Michael Canney February 11, 2009

    I have to agree with Lou. Beck’s allegations are simply not based on reality. There are many legitimate grounds for critiquing the Green Party, but being ‘hijacked by the one-issue conspiracy theorist wing’ isn’t one of them.

    While I agree with J. Beck that the Green Party needs to become more proactively engaged in environmental policy issues, including the national debate about green jobs, green energy technologies, and green transportation alternatives, the crimes that were committed on 9-11-01 remain unsolved, and a majority of Americans support an independent criminal investigation that will examine all the evidence and testimony and bring the perpetrators to justice.

    The “conspiracy theory” with the least evidence to back it up is the ridiculous story told by the U.S. government and its 9-11 Coverup Commission.

    Cynthia McKinney and the Green Party have nothing to apologize for in regard to our support for a full investigation into the crimes of 9-11-01.

    Instead of labeling those who dare to seek truth and justice “conspiracy theorists” I encourage J. Becks and other skeptics to join the calls for a criminal investigation, and for full disclosure of all 9-11 evidence and testimony that has been suppressed, such as the dozens of videos confiscated by the FBI and other agencies in the vicinity of the Pentagon immediately after the attack.

    Such an investigation and release of evidence would certainly go a long way toward ending the speculation about what really happened on 9-11-01.

    Why is this so important? Over a trillion dollars have been spent on wars and occupations, and on the expansion of a global military empire, based on 9-11 lies. Hundreds of thousands of people have died, and millions have become refugees as a result of a U.S. foreign policy based on 9-11 lies. This madness will not end until the whole ugly truth about 9-11 is exposed.

  3. David Wilcox February 28, 2009

    I completely agree with J. Beck. Seems to me like the Green Party as forgotten its environmental roots, in favor of more “popular” issues like war and social issues. Those are of course important, but ecology is what brought me into the party and should be (in my opinion) its core principle.

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