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Larry Bragman speaks on local politics


“We need to rebuild our planet one community at a time and Fairfax is an excellent place to start.”
~Larry Bragman

Referring to the potential impact of the Green Party on local politics, Fairfax Councilman Larry Bragman says, “The private money election system is not responding to the economic or the environmental needs of the people and, as a result, the country is facing a crisis of confidence in its political system.”

Bragman looks to the Green Party as the party expressly committed to meeting the challenges of that crisis. Its efforts are “stymied by a closed media, and an electoral system which has a ‘no vacancy’ sign for third parties. . . .The recent Supreme Court decision, Citizens United v. FEC underscores the unbounded ambition of corporate interests to hijack American democracy and stifle dissent. We need to institute a robust clean money election system through which candidates can opt out of the private donor monopoly.”

According to Bragman, “The Green Party needs to attract the disaffected and dispirited voters, who are searching for responsive representation.” The Green Party’s core beliefs to rebuild America and revive democracy need not be redefined, but its language and outreach does. “Folks need to understand that our democracy can provide health, jobs and a future, if we can restore the rights of the people to enjoy a political system which is competitive in ideas and not just ritual elections.”

Over the years, Bragman has supported successful measures to ban genetically modified organisms from Marin County, support a living wage for the Town of Fairfax, and protect ballot secrecy in local elections. “The challenges we face cut across traditional boundaries of partisan politics and our efforts to confront them require us to broaden our base of support.”

Bragman believes the Green Party has a unique opportunity to act as “honest brokers” if it can win the trust of voters by setting out a consistent program — including bringing jobs back home, instead of relying on low-wage, high-carbon imports; direct investment to repair crumbling infrastructure; medicare for all; local food production; local energy projects; and a redefinition of national security.

“We need to rebuild our planet one community at a time and Fairfax is an excellent place to start.”

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