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I’m Votin’ Green


Iím Votiní Green
A political rally song

By Carl Lungren, Green Party of New York State

CHORUS:† Iím votiní Green this year
Vote my hopes and not my fears
I know thereís got to be a better way
Iím votiní Green this time
Our futureís on the line
So come and join me on Election Day

Iím votiní for the values that mean the most to me
Rooted in the principles of democracy
Of peace and social justice, and of course, ecology
Thatís where I stand
Those are my demands

CHORUS:† Iím votiní Green for change
Itís time to rearrange
The way we order our priorities
Iím votiní Green for sure
For a world that will endure
For a life thatís filled with possibilities

It surely is a shame when all we ever have to choose
Is the lesser of two evils, yíknow weíre bound to lose
I wonít make that mistake again, gonna kick these votiní blues
And make my choice
For another voice


Iím tired of the liars and the hypocrisy,
Of the two-faced, double talking, double dealing duopoly
Iíd rather hold my head up high and keep my dignity
Than vote for them
Ever again

CHORUS:† Letís all vote Green this year
Vote your hopes and not your fears
Yíknow thereís got to be a better way
Letís all vote Green this time
Our futureís on the line
So come and join us on Election Day

And vote Green all the way

© 2006 Carl Lundgren
See Lundgren sing at The Wilder Side

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