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Greens in Maine make strides on Election Day


electionsMany candidates garner more than 25 percent of the vote
by Maine Green Independent Party

Green candidates running for state office did well at the final tally in the 2008 elections.

The Maine Green Independent Party ran six candidates for the state House of Representatives, three candidates for State Senate, and one candidate for county office. The party also ran candidates for school committee and city council in Portland.

Four of the six candidates for the state house received at least 25 percent of the vote, with two receiving 30 percent of the vote and taking second place. In Portland, Sandy Amborn came in second with 30 percent, as did Michael Hilz. Also in Portland, Joshua Miller got 26 percent, and Dan Jenkins received 25.5 percent of the vote and placed second. In Brunswick, David Frans received 13 percent.

In races for the State Senate, Bill Linnell ran in Portland and received 22.3 percent, placing second. Jason Bergquist ran in Brunswick and received 17.5 percent and Lisa Wiley, running in a Cumberland County district adjacent to Portland received 8 percent.

Four of the six candidates for the state house received at least 25 percent of the vote

In Portland, our candidates ran very strong races. The Obama groundswell resulted in huge turnouts by Democrats, most of whom voted the party line, even in these nonpartisan races. However, state board member Anna Treverrow received 40 percent of the vote in a two-way race for school committee and Portland activist Tina Smith received 20 percent of the vote in a four-way race for an at-large council seat. Hopefully both of these fine candidates will run again in the next few years when seats open up on the school committee and city council.

Alan Brown, former state party treasurer, ran for York County treasurer, and in a two-person race against a Democrat, Brown garnered 43 percent of the vote. Obviously Brown got a significant portion of the un-enrolled voters as well as many Republicans in order to get this vote total and we are pleased that he plans to run again for office in York County.

Ben Meiklejohn

Ben Meiklejohn

Lastly, Ben Meiklejohn, former Portland School Committee member, made a very strong showing in the race for the Portland Water District board, receiving 42 percent of the vote.

Green members in Maine are very proud of all of their candidates and the energy and vision they brought to their campaigns, and look forward to their future campaigns. We have many experienced candidates, many of whom already serve on appointed boards and committees in their communities, and very soon they will take their places in the elected offices they seek.


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