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Getting to know the Green Party platform


Economic sustainability, banking and insurance reform

IV. Economic Sustainability (Outline)

Ecological Economics
Diversified economic system, community-based economics, true-cost pricing, promote small businesses, environmental protection, Workers Superfund, new ways to measure economic health.

Measuring Economic Progressó
Economic Growth and the Steady-State Economy
Steady state economics, new ways to measure economic health, equitable wealth distribution.

Citizen Control Over Corporations
End corporate welfare, union and environmental protections, end corporate personhood.

Livable Income
Universal basic income, public jobs programs, close widening gap between rich and poor,†living wage.

True Cost Pricing and Tax Fairness
True Cost Pricing: carbon tax, implement TCP, real cost product labeling, mitigate effects on the poor. Fair Taxation: more progressive tax, raise corporate tax rates, environmental incentives, carbon tax, replace regressive sales tax, Tobin tax, decrease tax on labor, mortgage tax deduction, inheritance tax, revenue neutrality, gradual change.

Community Economic Involvement
Locally owned businesses, local production and consumption, cooperatives, local control and standards, federal infrastructure investment, direct democracy)

Small Business and the†Self-Employed
Bureaucracy reduction, health insurance for self-employed, local control, pension fund reform, affordable insurance, start-up assistance, support for home-based businesses.

Work and Job Creation
Homesteading, universal health care, local currencies, local non-profit development, promote work other than jobs, reduce tax on labor, union growth, reduce work week, subsidize renewables, support small businesses, increase opportunities for minorities, reduce outsourcing.

Banking and Insurance Reform
Small business access to credit, Community Reinvestment Act, community development banks, Insurance industry regulation, transportable policies, expand credit for the underserved, ban employer policies on workers.

Pension Reform
Worker control of pensions, pension fund investment reform

Anti-trust Enforcement
Oversight of corporate mergers, stopping monopolies, curbing corporate entitlements

Advanced Technology and Defense Conversion
No new nuclear weapons, no weapons in space, redirect research, curb arms trade, no patents on life forms, fair use, eco-friendly technology, decentralize telecommunications, reclaim airwaves, public access to Internet, promote open source software, no software patents, halt nanotech pending study and controls.

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