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Book Review: Against All Odds


New Book on Green Party movement in the United States; by John Resenbrink

A new book on the US Greens will be released April 1st, entitled Against All Odds: The Green Transformation of American Politics. It is written by long-time Maine and US Green organizer John Rensenbrink. The Foreward is by renown consumer activist and 1996 Green presidential candidate Ralph Nader.

In Against All Odds, Rensenbrink takes readers on a 15-year sojourn through US Green history, and places the US Green movement in the context of the American political scene. The general public will wonder why they never paid attention to what the Greens where saying, why they thought Greens were anti-business, and why they thought Greens were only an environmental party.

Running through the book is the theme of the liberation of political terrain and the regaining of political freedom. Greens will discover the long road many dedicated people have been traveling to grow and develop a viable Green Party in the United States. Both Greens and non-greens will begin to appreciate how the Green Party, by strengthening democracy, will contribute to a stronger, more vibrant and healthy 21st Century. No caring citizen-activist should neglect this account of Green party politics and the dilemmas of American democracy at century’s end.

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