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2008 Senatorial Candidates


Profiles on the seven campaigns across the country

By Teresa Keane, Green Party Senatorial Campaign Committee

Rebekah Kennedy, Arkansas:
Kennedy is a lawyer who has proudly worked in the areas of civil rights and on behalf of victims of workplace discrimination.† She previously ran for the office of Arkansas Attorney General and received 4.67 percent of the vote. She is motivated by the fact that not one Democrat or Republican was willing to run against an incumbent in federal races. Kennedy is challenging Mark Pryor, motivated to run due to Pryorís many votes in opposition to the people of Arkansas. She currently serves as Elections Co-chair for the Green Party of Arkansas, a position she also held from 2002-07. From 2007-08 Kennedy served as Public Relations Co-chair. Her reasons for running include challenging Pryorís votes to continue support for the occupation of Iraq and the Military Commissions Act. Kennedy calls for the U.S. to take the lead in stopping global warming and to create a national healthcare system.

Bob Kinsey, CO:
Kinsey is a retired United Church of Christ minister, history teacher, and a veteran of the Marine Corps.† His son-in-law is currently serving in Iraq. Kinsey sums up his campaign with the phrase ìRespect Life!î This means government must set policies to insure life into the future. The current economic system, run by uncontrolled growth, ìis the ideology of a cancer cellî.† ìWe have to redirect our economics to avoid the tipping pointî of environmental catastrophe. He supports building sustainable infrastructure, tax incentives for wind power, organic agriculture, safe ranching practices, and mass transit. Kinsey connects his support of the Ten key Principles to his values as a minister: ìThe Green Party values are a good secular representation of what Jesus called ëthe Kingdom of Godí.î

Steve Larrick, NE:
Larrick is running against Ben Nelson, considered the most conservative Democrat in the Senate. On his website, Larrick discusses his policies for ending the occupation of Iraq, providing healthcare to all Americans, solving Americaís economic problems, reducing dependence on foreign oil and protecting civil liberties.

Kathy Cummings, IL:
Cummings is running against Richard Durbin because ìin 2002 he knew Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction.†He kept that information from the public. He allowed Bush to fool the†American people into starting an unjustified war.†You can see Durbin confess to this on YouTube. See his ëBombshell announcementí on my website.† He kept quiet for five years because he claims he was sworn to secrecy by the Senate Intelligence Committee! By doing so, he showed his loyalty was with a dishonest regime and not with the People.î†Cummings is a Peace candidate who supports the oath of office to uphold the constitution, provide healthcare to all people and create an ecologically sustainable country.

Harley Mikkelson, MI:
Mikkelson is a Vietnam veteran, a union member and an active Green Party member since 2002. He ran for Congress in 2002 opposed to starting a war in Iraq.† In 2004 he ran calling for the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.†He has been in the Peace Movement since becoming active in Vietnam Veterans Against the War in 1968.†His campaign focus is to bring U.S. troops home immediately. In addition, Mikkelson would campaign for Fair Trade, in order to bring back jobs to the United States, and would stress the need to provide more educational opportunities and health benefits for everyone.

Chris Lugo, TN:
Lugo is running against Republican Lamar Alexander. For the past five years he has worked as a peace activist with statewide coalitions to end the war in Iraq. This activism will be helpful in getting out the anti-war message, which is at the core of his campaign. Having worked for the past ten years with a range of progressive coalitions in Nashville, Tennessee and across the country has given Lugo a sense of what issues are important at the Federal level. Lugo entered the U.S. Senate race ìto be a voice for the progressive issues that need to be discussed in Tennesseeó ending the war, bringing health care to every citizen, abolishing our nuclear weapons stockpile, addressing issues of racial justice in the South, media democracy, election reform, international peace, and publicly funded campaigns.î

Keith Ware is running in the District of Columbia.

Please support the campaigns of all our candidates with your generous contributions.

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