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Green Party web updates for November 28, 2018



  1. Ian CHafer December 10, 2018

    Exactly as I always say, Most Actions are Against the American Constitution and The Great Words Selected by The Founding Fathers in the Phrase…give us your Sick your Lonely and your Poor Give us your Huddled Masses and so on…Great Words I thought as a child exactly what I would say for my Property I was going to own as an adult where people who were suffering sickness from the Industry they worked in could come and stay with me for free and regain their health etc whoops I’m going off track a little …and recently I see much hypocrisy as this turning away of people fleeing the wars created by our Industry and the People who control us we are just as guilty as they for Not doing anything to stop it all, pretending we do not know we are being controlled by a group of super-wealthy elite families,The Deep State

  2. Ian Chafer December 10, 2018

    I have an Agenda. To reforest the surface of the Planet with groves of native Trees much like The Queens Green Belt or Tree Belt, except my plan is to seed the Deserts. It can easily be done and I have designed and re-designed a system that would easily be able to supply the desert areas with desalinated fresh water so we may grow crops and farm build cities and industry create jobs and prosperity for the homeless and jobless and the Desert will Bloom overnight. We can Pump Oil across Vast Desert we can most certainly pump water and where better to get the water, from our Vast Oceans via De-Salination and water treatment meaning we replace the nutrients water needs and loses during the filtering process and conversion from Salt-Water to Fresh Drinkable Water, there are so many benefits and bi-products acquired from filtering deep sea water alone that many side industry will be created including natural fertilizer and seaweed fertilizer to sea-weed lubrication as it is the most slipperiest substance I have ever come across and is already being extracted to make oils with such high Viscosity needed in our new lightweight high-speed industries of automation…How do I Implement such a grand scheme as Many Governenet have ZERO Interest in saving the environment never mind building and funding a project that would not produce a Profit Stream from its main resource…the Profit comes as a result of the water reaching the deserts and an after effect that does not attract investment…and how do I get Governments onboard and funding such a project as The Green Party is the Only Party interested in The Environment which by the way is the MAIN ISSUE on the MAJORITY of VOTERS MINDS never mind what the Media and Polls tell us as we all know they are fabricated to sway our opinions..and thats THE ENVIRONMENT and EVERYTHING e Should be doing Immediately to Save The Planet including Shutting Down ALL Fossil Fuels Instantly and NOT Phase them out as soon as a replacement power supply is built then the fossil fueld Steam Power MUST be shutdown I cannot believe we allow Industry to Lie to us and we allow them to still in the 21st Century BOIL WATER to creat STEAM to Drive a Turbine thats SO RIDICULOUS that my mind boggles and the thought of how we have been lied to so often we had the better replacement technology in the year 2000 just as they distracted Mankind once more with the War on Terror and 9/11 all designed to takke our minds off the Planet and New Technology that replaces Fossil FUels no no no would they allow this so they really did sink that low to keep thier profit streams from Established Victorian Era Industry that has killed our planet and we have one last chance to save and repair Earth if we act NOW…TODAY and not Tomorrow as Tomorrow is Too Late Fossil Fuels and Fracking must end TODAY ..Solar has been way better in all ways for decades and yet we listen to our masters who lie and lie and lie while they bleed us dry of our weekly pay…the electricity Bills go up at their whim and fancy whenever they please yet we have had Free Energy taken away from us with Nikola Tesla….when is The Green Party going to address these issues Publicaly and rally the troops attracting the Most Voters in the party’s history…the 1st Politician to initiate this will be a Trul Remebered Leader who spole The Truth first and Addressed the real Issues the Voters want out in the open, Paris is already on the street over The Deep States Control over Governments worldwide…surely the Green Party has not been infiltrated also….ouldn’t put it past the deep state members at all for one minute …


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