Highlights from all U.S. Green Fall 2008 election results

Highlights from all U.S. Green Fall 2008 election results


Richard Carroll elected State Representative – 89 percent of vote. Rebekah Kennedy ran for U.S. Senate receiving the highest vote total ever for a Green for this position at 21 percent.

Seven elected, including Bruce Delgado, Mayor of Marina City – 53.7 percent and Ross Mirikami, re-elected to San Francisco Board of Supervisors – 77 percent.

Art Goodtimes elected County Commissioner – 48 percent.

District of Columbia:
Seven Greens elected to Advisory Neighborhood Commissions.

Cara Jennings re-elected to City Commission of Lake Worth – 55.1 percent.

Ran 52 Green candidates for a variety of offices with 10 for U.S. Congress.

Five elected to Town Meetings and one to County Assembly.

Two elected, including John Eder, former state legislator, to Charter Commission of Cumberland County. Four of six candidates for state offices received more than 25 percent of the vote.

Eleven out of fourteen county board candidates elected, including four in Dane County (Madison).


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